Aerosolizing Smoking Amitraz Treats Bee & Mites For Garden

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  • efficiency of this method is 98%
  • it is easy to handle,
  • it can be used with all types of hives
  • use of almost all smoking substances, such as amitraz etc.
  • full control of dosing- full control of combustion (important feature especially in the areas exposed to high risk of fire)
  • the beekeeper is protected against smoke
  • treatment of bare hives
  • checking of efficiency of other varroa fighting methods
  • safe method of determination of the degree of infection of other beehives
  • extremely high efficiency per unit of time (about 10 seconds per a hive)
  • easy maintenance
  • driven by a micro motor with 2x1.5V batteries (batteries NOT INCLUDED)
Directions for use:

is an electric smoker - a tool used for varroa tick fighting. It operates on the principle of fan.
The smoke produced by combustion of foils or
paper is introduced into the beehive. Depending on the beehive strength, 1-3 drops of 12-20% amitraz are dropped onto the foil/paper. Dried foil/paper is put into the burner, the smoker is inserted into the beehive, actuated and the foil/paper is inflamed. After 5-10 seconds, the whole foil/paper is combusted and the smoke penetrates into the beehive. The efficiency of this method is 98%. It is applied in August, after the last honey harvesting. Smoking is performed at least three times but not more than five times. The time interval between two subsequent smokings is 6 days. Thus, this treatment includes bees at all stages of their development. The beehive does not have to be closed. If the entrance is closed, it should not be closed for longer than 10 minutes. Net bottom does not represent a problem but it would be good if there were a floor under it during the treatment. Use of the net bottom ensures greater efficiency of the treatment because, over such a bottom, fallen dizzy varroa cannot return to the bees. Apart from the autumn treatment, it is possible to perform another one in January, at minimum daily temperature within 12-14 °С .
Clusters can be treated over the whole year while the productive beehives can be treated only when there is no honey harvesting.
The foil has to be self-combustible type.Such method of work is very much applied by our beekeepers because it is efficient, easy to use and the operation is quickly performed.


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