Smart LED Night Candlelight

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Smart LED Night Candlelight

Light up your night mood with Smart LED Night Candlelight, made with state of the art naturally transparent polycarbonate lamp cover Copper alloys-bass to be the lamp wick material to match that of a real candle. It can be used anywhere from road trips to restaurants or even to light aromatic night.

img_id=shop_beea01ec0701e3efc89c3e250b3ed991A group of smart portable candlelights that is perfect for mood-setting and special events.733472825 Smart LED Night Candlelight is the world's only smart candlelight using the latest Bluetooth (BLE) Mesh technology, combining the warm comfort of candlelight with the convenience and control of smart technology. The BLE Mesh technology allows up to 30,000 units Smart LED Night Candlelight
to communicate with each other.

544978440Simply rotate Smart LED Night Candlelight to control all connected Smart LED Night Candlelight
595817787Up to 30,000 Smart LED Night Candlelight can be connected and controlled at once

IoT Device
Control your Smart LED Night Candlelight and other smart lights with our Android or iOS apps.
Easy to control
The built-in 2100mAh battery allows for up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The portability lets Smart LED Night Candlelight fits in any moment of your life.
Road trip with Smart LED Night Candlelight
Camping with Smart LED Night Candlelight
Decorate with Smart LED Night Candlelight
Use Smart LED Night Candlelight for your special event
Smart LED Night Candlelight fits perfectly in any bar or restaurant
Smart LED Night Candlelight can be used anywhere in the house
Scene setup
It looks even better when you have a group of Smart LED Night Candlelight .
Top Quality Materials
We want to fully load the lamp, offering a timeless piece with minimalist design components while using top quality materials to bring you the luxury product experience. We paid attention to every last detail in this lamp.
The Lamp Wick
We tested 32 different materials’ lifetime, melting point, radiating capability, and thermal condition efficiency and picked Copper alloys-bass to be the lamp wick material. Smart LED Night Candlelight can run straight 8 hours under 14°F-104°F (-10°C-40°C) without overheat. To maximize your experience we created 1320 metallic hole arrays on the lamp wick enhanced light transmission.
The Lamp Cover
The glass-like naturally transparent polycarbonate (PC) lamp chimney tube allows light to distribute evenly and beautifully. The PC lamp cover is manufactured in the dust-free workshop from a one-piece sheet that is engineered to retract without joints or impurity. PC material also benefits the lamp cover of greater impact strength, increased resistance to breakage and higher heat resistance.
The Gear
Smart LED Night Candlelight adopted the quiet gear drive idea. We use top tier factories to ensure every gear teeth bites perfectly and works smoothly.
The Base
The aluminum alloy lamp base with anodic coating enhanced the sleek and polished appearance.
Visual Comfort Light
The Smart LED Night Candlelight holds a 1800K color temperature, which is the same color temperature as candlelight, with adjustable brightness, leading to the warm familiar copper of candlelight. Designed with health in mind, Smart LED Night Candlelight produces minimal blue light. Over a decade of scientific research ranging from Harvard Medical School to NASA has concluded that we are physically and mentally affected by the light that we are exposed to. The constant buzz of our devices, our communities, and of traditional lights all have a role to play in our productivity and general well being.
Wake up to a comforting light
Smart LED Night Candlelight is Fun to Play With
Charging is Easy
Using regular USB cable to charge.

Package Includes:
1* Smart LED Night Candlelight


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