Post Modern LED Ceiling Lamp Lights

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Post Modern LED Ceiling Lamp Lights

Choose a ceiling lamp light that is not only for decorative but one that helps save energy. Post-Modern LED Ceiling Lamp Lights is customized with an energy-saving chip, that helps reduce the proportion of blue light in the light, reducing visual fatigue. Its high-quality lamp beads help bring back true colors that do not hurt the eyes.

15 heads
Size: D1000mm x H120mm Power: 120W Suggest
12 heads
Size: D850mm x H120mm Power: 96W Suggest
9 heads
Size: D800mm x H120mm Power: 72W Suggest
5 heads
Size: D680mm x H80mm Power: 40W Suggest
3 heads
Size: D570mm x H80mm Power: 24W Suggest

For the remote controller connection:
1.power the chandelier,
2. press the "setup" button for a short time

For the Phone APP connection:
1. open the Bluetooth of your phone,
2. download the application, and open it,
3. power the chandelier,
4. press the setup button of the application a short time


  • The App requires Bluetooth 4.0 or above. It also requires iOS 8.0 or above for iOS devices, Android 4.3 or above for Android devices.
  • For the light to emit a different light color:
    Carefully check if the petal connector is reversed
  • For the model of "dimmable with remote" only light one color:
    There are two needles in the wiring hole of each petal. Please check carefully whether both needles are connected.

Package Includes:
1* Post Modern LED Ceiling Lamp Lights


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